Vihrat Kohli Great Learning TVC

Being a huge cricket fan , this was a dream shoot meeting one of my heroes, Indian cricket captain Vihrat Kohli. This was a very challenging shoot as we were asked to shoot Vihrat in London to match the scenes shot in Mumbai. Fantastic production from Jesse @ Seven five Productions meant the shoot proceeded smoothly and Vihrat was very happy. Thanks to Chris Stephens DOP for a great job.

Italy Filming

Recently, I travelled to the beautiful town of Ascoli in Italy to direct a film for a pharmaceutical client. It was a lovely shoot featuring the work force in one of their factories. A huge thank you to everyone involved for making it such a enjoyable experience.

NatWest Little Loop TVC

Here is the latest commercial I directed for a NatWest who are supporting small businesses in these difficult times. The Little Loop is a sustainable children’s clothing business where your children’s clothes are worn and then passed on to other children to wear.

We had great fun using hand cannons to fire hundreds of pieces of clothing in to the air on one of the warmest days back in the summer. Huge thanks to everyone involved as it was quite an undertaking especially Jesse Stagg for his amazing production and Chris Stephen for shooting such a lovely film. Finally thanks to Tim Snape for getting me involved in the project.

Lurzers 200 Best Avertising Photographers Book

Absolutely delighted to have 6 images chosen for Lürzer's Archive as one of the Top 200 Advertising Photographers Worldwide.

Lockdown Tennis

It's great to be finally able to share my latest personal stills and film project inspired by the Instagram videos of professional tennis player Dylan Gee and how he carried on training through out lockdown, even though all the courts were closed. Shot across London during lockdown. A huge thank you to everyone involved especially Chis Stephen DOP for shooting such beautiful imagery and Mark @ Midas retouching for the lovely grade on the stills.

Director - Simon Stock @simonstockphoto
Talent - Dylan Gee @dylangee3
Creative Direction _ Tim Snape
DOP - Chris Stevens @chrisstevensdop
Editor - Jack Singer @ Stitch TV @hijacksinger
VFX - John @ Another Artist @another_a_r_t_i_st
Sound Design - Daniele Zazza @ zazza_dan
PA - James Stock @stockiesvisuals

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Thanks to Innocean London for commissioning me to shoot the latest KIA range of cars on a very sunny beach up north. We were very lucky with spectacular weather and no wind... A huge thank you to Squire Films for getting me on board, Greg Mills and his team for their fantastic production which made my job very easy.

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NatWest Buttermilk TVC

I was delighted to be asked by Pablo London to direct the latest Natwest commercial promoting a joint competition with ITV where three of the UK’s brightest small businesses will win their own TV advert.

It was great fun flying FPV racing drones around the Cornish coastline. A huge thank you to everyone involved. Jesse @ Seven Five Prodcutions, The Mill, Stitch Editing, Bad Wolf Horizon.

By Your Side App

I was privileged to be asked by CDM London to create a series of films for a new app called By Your Side, that is designed to help people suffering with different types of cancer. A huge thank you to Deborah, Kevin and Simon for sharing their stories to help others. Lastly, thank you to Lawrence and Suzie without whom the project would not have happened.

Museum of the Future Gigapixel

Earlier this year I was asked to create the worlds largest portrait of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum at the Museum of the Future in Dubai. This was a really challenging project and required closing of the main freeway through Dubai as well as the mono rail. Jesse @ Seven Five Productions did a fantastic job bringing all the elements together.

The images was made from approx 1200 hi res images and is 89 Gigapixels in size .

Las Luminarias

I have wanted to see the Las Luminarias festival since I first heard about it nearly 10years ago. This year I was lucky enough to go with a great team to shoot a short film of the spectacle. It is held annually in the remote town of San Bartholome de Pinares in the mountains near Madrid. The festival is believed to keep disease and bad luck away for the year ahead by riding the horses through the fires. The festival dates from the 16th century and ends with everyone in the town having barbecues and wine in the embers of the fires. A perfect way to end an incredible few hours filming.

The film is now in the edit and will be finished soon. I can't wait to show everyone.

London Eye

Over the last few months I have been working on a fantastic project for the rebranding of the iconic London Eye.

I was commissioned by Little Hawk Design to shoot a epic birds eye view of the London Eye and convey the feeling of flying high above the London sky line.

A huge thank you to the talented people at Smoke & Mirrors for their tireless efforts to bring my vision to life and to Gavin and Anton @ Little Hawk for their creative vision.

A very challenging but fun project !

Rolls Royce Dawn Silver Bullet

Last month I spent a couple of days shooting the stunning Rolls Royce Dawn Silver Bullet for the Intro agency.

The look and feel of the campaign was inspired by the beautiful travel posters of the past when it was popular to embark on a road trip - a Grand Tour.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days with a fabulous crew and I must say a huge thank you to Director Julian Gibbs and DOP Tony May who made my job very easy and everyone at Intro for a terrific shoot.

California Dreaming

I have been shooting a personal project of UK surfers.Shooting over a few days on the Dorset Coast which gets some surprisingly good surf.Learning to shoot in the water with a Aquatec housing was steep learning curve but great fun.Thanks to Gary for being such a good sport and not wiping me out when I got too close...Cant wait for the next chapter in Cornwall.

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Mini Adventure

I had a lot of fun shooting this Mina Adventure in Shoreditch early one morning.

Bentley Motor Sports

My ears are still ringing from a very exciting weekend filming the Bentley GT3 Blanc Pain Motor Sport Team at Siverstone. What an exciting weekend and the weather was amazing.

The film will be released soon. Thanks to Sophie, Becks and Zak @ Bentley for making it happen and Nick & Oli for capturing such great footage!

Travelodge Film

The & Partnership asked me to direct online film for Travelodge to encourage people to make time for themselves.

Great fun and a busy day fantastic crew and cast.

A big thank you to Ben for a great production, Aadel for shooting it so nicely and Sue Odell for a fantastic casting.

Bentley GTC Lifestyle

The lifestyle campaign I shot recently in Tuscany for the new Bentley GTC have just been released.

Sky Mobile

As a big Game of Thrones fan the chance to visit some of the iconic locations for Sky Mobile was a dream come true !

We took real fans of Game of Thrones, Riviera, Discovery of Witches and Sky Sports to locations from all the shows.

Thanks to Dan, Lizzie and Johnnie @ 72 Point Agency for a fun shoot.

Bentley Convertable GTC

Bentley revealed the stunning Continental GT Convertible this week. I was very honoured to be asked to shoot the global launch campaign.We shot over 20 images in Italy, travelling between Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast.Hard work but great fun.

Olarro Safari

I have just returned from the Maasai Mara in Kenya where I was directing a film and shooting stills for Hermes Retreats at their Oloarro Lodge and Conservancy.

It was a dream job, beatiful locations and amazing animals. A big thanks to all the team for such an incredible experience. Especially to Rich, Barry, Hannah, Nickelea at Agency TK and Jen and Simon at Hermes Retreats.

Last but not least a huge thank you to Head Ranger Will for all his expertise and patience.

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International Colour Awards

Delighted to have received awards for 4 images in the latest 11th Annual International Colour Awards in Los Angeles .

Toby Carvery Films

The last couple of months have been a whirlwind Directing 3 films for Toby Carvey, lots of early mornings as one of the scripts called for multiple sunrises!

We shot all over the UK from the beautiful village of West Firle and the South Downs to London and the stunning Glencoe, Scotland.

A huge thanks to Tim Snape @ Pablo for the great scripts and Astrid @ Squire Films for her awesome production skills and to Stef and everyone @ Framestore who went the extra mile.

Please check them out in my film section.


Shot this fun campaign a while ago for Craghoppers and the good folk @ Pablo in sunny Almeria, Spain.

A big thanks to Tim @ Pablo and Josele from Blue South Productions for a great shoot.

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Emirates Airlines

In the summer I collaborated on the latest Emirates Airlines commercial that is now live.

My team and I flew to Arizona in the middle of a heat wave and spent a very warm week shooting in the factory where the new stunning First Class suites are made.

I was asked to direct the product shots for the commercial and shoot the stills of the new First Class suites.

Kylesku Bridge Gigapixel

The Kylesku bridge in the Scottish Highlands is one of the most beautiful bridges in the UK. It was the perfect location to shoot a 2 billion pixel landscape image.

Mumbai Four Seasons Giga Pixel

My latest Gigapixel commission took me to Mumbai to shoot the fabulous AER rooftop bar at the Four Seasons Hotel. This was a really exciting and technically challenging project as the brief was to push the boundaries of the technology to integrate the incredible high definition of the Gigapixel imagery with live action video for the very first time. The finished image allows you to explore one of the world'smost famous rooftop bars and the stunning Mumbai cityscape in detail, as one of India's top mixologist makes a refreshing cocktail to enjoy whilst watching the glorious sunset.

A very big thank you to Sarah @ ilikegreen for all her hard work on the project and to Matt @ Smoke & Mirrors for a great job on the retouching.

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Bentley Dubai Gigapixel

I can finally share one of my latest Gigapixel photographs I shot for Bentley Motors. At 57.7 billion pixels, it is one of the world’s most detailed landscape images.

At the heart of the photograph sits a Bentley Flying Spur W12 S in the luxury marina of Dubai – the world’s fastest-growing city. Zoom out, and the NASA-derived technology allows you to explore and experience the city panorama in intricate detail, while beyond it the curvature of the earth is visible.

Following the success of the previous Golden Gate Gigapixel, Bentley decided to take a second gigapixel shot and this time in the city of Dubai. We suspended a camera 833 feet above one of Dubai’s iconic skyscrapers. The resulting panorama is created using the same technology used to create panoramas of the Martian landscape from the images sent by the mars Rover.

Zoom in and the image will take you in sharp focus, through the landscape, right up to the instantly recognisable bonnet badge of the Flying Spur. The car itself is like a large speck when you have fully zoomed out of the photograph. Once you have zoomed in fully you can then explore the heart of Dubai.

A huge thanks to everyone involved epsecially Piggy Lines @ Keko London for commissioning such an epic project.

Post production was done by Mustard Post, Tank London and Simon Ledder. Production was by Jesse @ Shoot Logistics.

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Dubai Day Night Gigapixel

Recently I travelled to Dubai to shoot a day to night Gigapixel of the city. It was fantastic to experience the city from dawn to dusk and seeing how it changed.

Thank you to Tony @ Mustard Post for the post-production.